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Online Mattresses: Is It Worth It?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

We know that buying a mattress is an investment. No matter the price tag, you are purchasing something that will hopefully last you for many years to come. It is important to remember that you are also investing in something that you will use every day.

With the recent surge of online mattress vendors taking over the social media ad space, we know it is tempting to try one of these new, rolled up, delivered to your doorstep pieces. However, sometimes the price tag does not justify the investment. So before you click “purchase” take some time to decide the best buying option for you.

Quality Control

One of the most important reasons why buying your mattress in-store may be the route to go is simple. Not all mattresses are made equal. The unfortunate truth is that some mattress companies use cheaper, less dense materials that appear to be high quality in photos. When you are shopping online and can’t touch and feel the mattress. You have to rely on stock photos, the description, and the reviews to know if the mattress is truly a good quality product. When you shop in-store, you can instantly feel the top quality materials used in the mattress.


Untrustworthy Reviews

Speaking of reviews, make sure you are reading them with a grain of salt. Many top online companies utilize what is referred to as affiliate marketing. Essentially, they send out a free mattress to a reviewer and butter them up slightly to leave a good review on their website. While many reviews are from honest customers, make sure you don’t get duped by too many purchased reviews.

Try Before You Buy

This may be obvious, but a large advantage to purchasing your mattress in-store is getting to try it out before you purchase it. Everybody is different and every BODY is different. Purchasing in-store allows you to lay on different mattresses to find that one that best fits your body shape and comfort level. Our experienced salespeople can also help you through the process with customized recommendations for your unique needs.


With an investment as large as a mattress, do you want to rely on your local delivery driver to take care of your purchase? When you buy online, your mattress is sent from shipping plant to shipping plant before it is left on your doorstep. The majority of companies also send the mattress rolled up, causing you to have to wait a few days for it to lay flat and fluff up. When you buy in-store from Hennen’s, we will bring the full, ready to use mattress right up to your bedroom and make sure you are completely happy with your purchase before we leave.

Purchasing your mattress online can be a successful experience for some, but if you don’t want to leave your investment to chance, in-store may be the way to go. Remember, if you, unfortunately, end up with a less than stellar mattress, it can affect your everyday life leaving you with less energy and sore muscles. If you do decide to stop in, our dedicated mattress specialists are ready to help you find the right mattress for your perfect night’s sleep.

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